Coyote Hunting

The Palczewski brothers earned extra money hunting down coyotes for neighbors who had lost sheep. The hounds were bred especially for coyote hunting. They were a combination of greyhound, Irish wolfhound, and who knows what else. The hounds rode in the open trunk of Richard's car. Lucy was always the first to jump out to start the chase. Jake tackled the coyote. Then Mike would go in for the kill. The hound pen was located on the original homestead, behind Stanley and Marlene's existing house.

Richard, Stanley, and hounds (early 1940s)

Richard and coyote pelts (early 1940s)

Lucy and Jake                

Hound pen. Black hound's name was Mike.

Richard John Palczewski

Date of Birth: April 5, 1924 on the farm west of Scranton, ND
Address: RR1, Box 220, Scranton, ND 58653

Bernadine Pierce Sipma Palczewski, born May 14, 1935. Married January 16, 1988. Died
Phyllis Thune Palczewski. Born March 27, 1927. Married April 23, 1944. Died June 23, 1987.

Mildred Jean, born October 23, 1946 in Miles City, MT
Deborah Irma, born October 27, 1949 in Dickinson, ND
Dale Richard, born May 4, 1954 in Bowman, ND
Dennis Walton, born May 4, 1954 in Bowman, ND

One year of high school.

Places lived and Careers:
I farmed and ranched for 43 plus years. I am now retired and live in Scranton, ND.

Interests, Social & Civic Positions, Hobbies, Sports, etc.:
Hunting, trapping, fishing, Bingo, slot machines, raising flowers, and watching young women any place.

Major Vacations:
Serving in the US Navy in World War II.

Mildred Jean (Palczewski) Richardson

Date of Birth: October 23, 1946 in Miles City, MT
Address: 309 Tamerisk Drive, Riverton, WY 82501
Sidney Richardson born November 2, 1944 in Miles City, MT
Married: January 14, 1982

Harrison Arthur Richardson born July 16, 1985 in Miles City, MT

Family Information:
Sidney was previously married and divorced. His daughter, Kirsten, lives in Wisconsin and works for a computer company. Sid teaches Special Education.

Haley School 1960 Scranton High School 1964
Dickinson State College 1968
Several other post graduate schools to renew my certificate

Deborah Irma (Palczewski) Thomason

Date of Birth: October 29, 1949
Address: 9103 Creek Side Drive, Bismarck, ND 58504
: David Thomason born February 15, 1950. Married September 24, 1971

Radine Stacy Thomason born August 31, 1972.  Married Ken Naylor in June 1996.

Dale Richard Palczewski

Date of Birth: May 4, 1954
Address: HCR2 Box 6, Reeder, ND 58649
: Merlene Kerpen born January 30, 1956
Married December 11, 1976

Nathan Lee Palczewski born October 11, 1979 in Hettinger, ND
John Louis Palczewski born February 26, 1982 in Hettinger, ND

Dale - Bowman High School 1972
Nate - Scranton High School, B.S. Dickinson State College
John - Scranton High School

Family Information:
Dale started guiding for Dry Creek Pheasants this past fall and really enjoyed it! Merlene has a cleaning business and is kept busy with that. She enjoys getting together with family and friends. Nate is a banker at U.S. Bank in Bismarck and enjoys this very much. John manages Dry Creek Feedlot and runs some black Angus cows.

Dale, Merleen, Nate, and John, 2003

Dennis Walton Palczewski

Date of Birth: May 4, 1954 in Bowman, ND
Address: 2507 Athione Court, Ames, Iowa 50010
Spouse: Ammertte C. Deibert, born July 20, 1948, Lemmon, SD
Married May 23, 1981 in Lake Tahoe, NV

Thune Deibert Palczewski born February 20, 1982 in Hettinger, ND
Ari Deibert Palczewski born April 25, 1983 in Hettinger, ND

Dennis - B.S. Degree in Public Service and Administration in Agriculture, Iowa State University 1991
Amy - B.S. in Education, Black Hills State University 1971
M.S. in Sociology, Iowa State University 1989
Ph.D. Rural Sociology, Iowa State University

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