(Jacob) Carl Peter Palczewski


Date of Birth: May 27, 1919 on homestead in Goldfield Township near Haley, ND
Address: Box 813, Ludlow, SD 57755
: Esther Louise Welch born May 30, 1929. Married June 17, 1947.
Esther died September 14, 2003.

Patricia Louise Palczewski born August 25, 1948
Joseph Peter Palczewski born December 31, 1952
Paul Carl Palczewski born June 14, 1954
Christopher Michael Palczewski born January 14, 1961

US Navy from July 1942 to January 1946

Interests, Social & Civic Positions, Hobbies, Sports, etc.:
Farming, ranching, and hunting
Raising sheep has always been in my blood.

Major Vacations:
Norway to see Pat and Oistein and family in June and July of 1979


Palczewski Memories

   In 1919, Jacob Carl Palczewski was born at Goldfield Township Homestead near Haley, North Dakota on May 27, 1919 to Joseph and Elizabeth by Mrs. Weeks, a midwife. It was a rainy day. Birth name Jacob Carl, third born. I can’t remember how much I weighed, somewhere around 6.5 pounds. Always was hungry had to fight for food as was very small for my age. God parents were John and Katie Lawyer at Lady of Prairie Church Vessey. Confirmation name was Peter so as was only called Carl, I used Carl Peter or CP.

   I graduated from grade school in 1931. Went to Farmers Union Camp.

   Quite a coincidence that my God Parent’s place is the land which we purchased in 1948 and are living on the south half.

   Pa and his dad had a dispute so went to live east of Haley the old Walter Papka place first place east about a mile. Can remember Mary, Frank, and I went to river to play. They both got a good spanking but they didn’t do anything to me. It was because they were not supposed to be playing in the water.

   Pa got a deal with a guy named Dick Meyer on place north east of Buffalo Springs. We stayed there four years. Farmed and run cattle, about 100 head on shares. Also had his own milk cow and farmed with 11 mules. One black beautiful saddle horse. He wouldn’t let us kids even ride him. Bought a buckskin for $20.00 for us kids to ride. He was a mean old bastard and he’d bite us when we had to ride to school. Mary and Frank rode.

   I went to Kindergarten at Buffalo Springs when I was 5. Herb Pitsley was the teacher and Mrs. Herb taught high school. We couldn’t talk English very good. I remember Frank making spit balls and throwing at the ceiling. The teacher used a yard stick on his head.

   Pa bought a new Ford Model T. Don’t remember what he paid. Ed Okers dealer in Scranton. This is the place Pa worked before he was married. It was a livery stable to keep horses for farmers and people because they couldn’t return and wanted to leave their horses overnight. The livery stable ended up to be the Ford Garage.

   Can remember going to Moga’s Grocery store. I stayed while Pa did shopping. I always had lots of candy to eat. Stayed overnight at Moga’s many times.

   One time I remember taking lunch out to Pa. He was farming with mules. I fell asleep in the grass at the end of the field. When I woke up it was dark. I was walking along the fence when they found me. I don’t know if Pa was mad or happy. He scolded me and hugged me both. Ma said you can’t be mad at him because he brought you lunch.

   Pa had to build a garage for the Model T. He built with new lumber. It had a roof and two sides open on each end. So this one day Pa came back. It was dark and he drove right through the west end. He kept hollering whoa and drove right through the other end. I still see Ma. She laughed and laughed and laughed. Pa smelled like beer.

   Dick Meyers sold the cattle and Pa was suppose to get a share and got nothing. That was the good of a hand shake.

   So back to the homestead, sold the mules and bought horses to farm with. The house was in very poor condition with mice and all. We had to do lots of work. Built a lean to for their bedroom. Frank and I had to sleep in the attic.

   Ma loved to cook and bake. She always had some goodies. We’d take cookies when she wasn’t looking. Frank said, “She’s looking alright as she’s got a smile on her face.” It was about this time Ma taught us how to pray.

   Went to school at Hammoud No. 3 which was across the river southwest of the place. There was lots of ice jams in the spring and very dangerous to cross. This one girl Mildred Milks was always picking on me and teasing me. One time I had a fight with her and beat her up. I had to stand in the corner for three weeks during school. You never realize how many times you have to go to the rest room or outhouse when you are standing in the corner.

   Pa had short horned milk cows. I used to think I wanted to milk cows. On my 9th birthday Pa said I could start milking. He gave me a milk stool and the milk pan. He told me to sit down. This was a stripper. She was just about dried up so I started. Then Pa and Frank started. They milked 11 cows and I quit milking mine. Pa came to check. He said I still hadn’t got all the milk out of her. I never forgot that one.

   Pa always had 12 milk cows. If he sold one, he always bought one back.

   Pa had a big straw pile from threshing machine. The cattle and pigs wintered in it. 1930 on Memorial Day, Pa set a fire to it. The wind was very strong from the southeast. The sparks blew into the dugout barn and burned it up. So we had to build a fence to hold the cows to milk them in that same day. I was dragging corn with bare feet for weeds with a three section drag of 3 horses southeast of place. I tipped the drag over when I turned too short. The thistles were quite sharp. I unhooked the horses and went home with them. It was quite a mess as there was no place to put them as the barn was burning. I lost all my rabbits as they burned up. I was going to make a fortune with them.

   Pa decided to build a new barn with a hay loft and a dance floor. In 1930 every two or three weeks, Pa would have barn dances. He made good money on that. I learned to dance and have been dancing ever since. This was in Prohibition days. Frank and I found a bottle of booze around every other vehicle that came to the dance. Behind the tires sometimes or a box full in the weeds. Even in the hay stack in the middle of winter that someone forgot. Pa kept a ten gallon crock of homemade beer brew behind the cook stove quite regular. This one year he set a batch for the 4th of July to cap. We helped him cap the brew. Than about midnight they started to explode. It sounded like a rifle shots. Ma sure was laughing about that.

   Pa and I went southeast of Rhame, North Dakota to put up hay on shares with horses (Nelis Nelson place). Then many of the horses got brain fever. I can’t remember the name of the disease. Seven head died. This was when Pa decided to buy a tractor. Frank had went to Idaho Falls out west.

   In 1930, Pa bought a new Ford truck from Bert Patterson of Bowman. Hauled many bushels of wheat for neighbors. The truck hauled 100 bushels. Pa was gone every day. Us kids had to do the work. Pa made lots of money hauling.

   In 1934 Pa sent me up to Wood Jetts to herd 1,500 head of sheep in Bad Lands thirty miles north of Marmarth. I lived in a sheep wagon with shaggy dog, shaggy horse, and I the shaggy kid for the winter. Ma showed me how to bake bread and I figured I was a pretty good cook. There was lots of rabbits to eat. The boss would come about every three weeks bringing sugar, baking powder, macroni, canned milk, sardines, yeast, soda, salt and pepper. I boiled my own water and dug out springs where I could.

   In 1935 I helped Helen Jett, Wood’s wife (she was pregnant) lamb out these sheep. Moved the sheep to the Kelly place south of Marmarth in the spring of 1935.

   In the fall of 1935 I went with car loads of cattle to Sioux City, Iowa. Each car had to have a man along, 2 cars/2 men, 3 cars/3 men to represent the rancher shipping the cattle (that was law). Ended up being quite an experience, even learned the facts of life. Had free meals and board and room. That was all I got. Represented Abe Abrahamson shipping livestock, Otto Teske, Charlie Banom, Art Jacobson, Art Spethman, and others. Took about three days to trip. Then had to go home as Pa needed help with hay and farming.

   Thought it was best thing that happened when Pa had to sell the milk cows. Kept 4. Had to ship hay in for those. Kept 5 horses at home. The others went to the Reservation. Pa worked on WPA dam called it the Buckman Dam south of Gascoyne in 1936. Worked 2 horses at a time. Stayed at Glen Eldride’s. This is where hog farm is now.

   Spring 1936 I helped Dan and Julia Fredricks lamb 800 head of sheep. $1.00 a day. July and August herded sheep for Bob and Mary Parks. Slept under the stars. No sheep wagon. Rattle snakes under your bed roll, etc.

   Fall 1936 had to trail 186 head of horses to the Berthold Indian Reservation. Elbo Woods Garrison with Pa as the cook. Art Nickels, Miland Conrad.

   Just north of the house was a big hand dug well with a wind mill to pump it. Many times we had to take a ladder down in the well to get the mice, etc. that would stop it from pumping. When I was about 16, I decided to dig one closer to the house. I dug one right close to the corner of the house. Not to the likes of Pa. Pa was angry but thought it was closer for Ma so kept it on. It turned out good and handy for Ma.

   I remember Ma getting her poles together and walking to the river to go fishing many times alone or with us kids. She just loved to fish. Cleaned them and have them all pan ready. She fried them with homemade butter and a half a pan of fried onions to go with them.

   From November 1935 through January 1936 I herded 3,000 sheep for Charlie Jett as his sheep herder got sick with pneumonia. This was the highest paying, $15.00 a month. It was very cold. There was 6 weeks it stayed below zero, about 20 to 30 degrees below day and night. Had a shaggy dog, shaggy horse, and had to wrap gunny sacks around his feet to try and keep them warm. I got up at 4:00 in the morning till 10:00 at night. Slept upstairs. If you want to know what cold is just ask me. Main meal was salt pork and navy beans. Charlie insisted I use bacon grease on my pancakes when we had them. The snow was very deep. Best news when Pa needed me back home to help him. I was real happy then.

   You can see by my old record books almost everything I did the rest of the years until I went to the Navy. After returning from the Navy, the rest is another story. Had to go down another road.

Carl Palczewski
June 1997 

Family History
by Esther Palczewski (1997)

   It all started out on June 17, 1947 when Carl and Esther joined as Mr. and Mrs. with friends Walt and Sophie Sarsland as Best Man and Maid of Honor at Saint Agnes Church, Cox. It was misty rain and partly sunny at times. Father Keller performed the ceremony. Flowers from Belle did not show up on mail. So Liz Rheinhart, cousin of Father Keller and house keeper and with help of Anna Durning and others gathered up the yellow roses from Anna's yard in Ludlow. They put together a beautiful bouquet. So yellow rose is our favorite flower.
   We all ended up at Carl's bachelor house. Mother and others helped with many sandwiches , food, and drinks to have a nice reception. Even with the rain falling, lots showed up to make it a happy event. After the fences were finished fixing and cattle to pasture, we got off to our Honeymoon trail in a 1948 Jeep with canvas top and sides. We stopped the first night at Marmarth, Saint Charles Hotel. Then we were off toward Miles City. Only ten miles from Miles City, the Jeep ran out of gas. This being the first time away from home, I had fear of sitting alone and waiting for Carl to walk for gas. Not knowing if he would return or not, I sat and waited, but to my joy, someone brought him back with gas. Yellowstone Park, Here We Come! Beautiful scenery but ahead we heard that heavy snow had fallen making the entrance road very heavy but the Jeep had no trouble going around cars stuck in heavy snow on the road. We enjoyed the Old Faithful Geyser and all the bears, moose, elk, mountains, etc. I would like to go back now again to see Yellowstone Park.
   We came back just in time for a 4th of July Palczewski get-together at the farm. Then back to the being of husband and wife and learning to cook, bake, know one's likes and dislikes. Mostly it was learning to observe as he had years on me and already had spent four years in the Navy. I was 18 years old. Living away from Mother and Dad was hard getting used to. Trying to put a couple potatoes in kettle to cook and making four or six slices of bacon and you name it. Cutting down to cook for just us two after cooking for a big family as mine was 10 kids and Mother and Dad.
   Water was at the barn pumped out of a well. Every bit you wanted had to come pail by pail or cream can by cream can. For washing clothes,  had to heat water in a boiler on the stove and put the water into the washing machine. Then put gas in and start an engine similar to the one on the lawn. Many a day you work and work to get the engine started. Hand washing of towels and undies was less work. You were played out by the time you got to wash clothes, then rinse and run them through a ringer on top of the washer, and out to line and hang them out. I had always loved to iron clothes for someone else but after all this trouble you had to go through, wasn't as good as sprinkling and ironing and was almost another days work!
   We had a real bad fall and winter 1947 -  48. Carl was kept busy keeping watch of our cows. Riding horseback was Carl's afternoon job. Sometimes the day seemed long as he would go and I would watch for the horse and man to come back. Only radio to listen to and garden for hobby seemed lonely as was used to lots of kids around.
   In August 1948, Pat was to come into the world but closest hospital was Miles City, Montana. After Faye Walt and Sophie's girl was born and they had to get a plane and fly the baby up there, we chose to go up there - a trip itself just to go up to doctor so didn't go only a couple of times. First part of August, we went to the doctor. He said you could have the baby anytime. I stayed at a house they kept ladies in waiting. Pat didn't come till morning of the 25th. Then a ten day stay in the hospital. Nursing was the only way to feed the baby, Patricia Louise. She became the joy of our life.
   The the fall of '48 and winter of '49 was a bad one. Snowed in most of the time. We had a tractor to feed cake till Carl got that stuck and had to put cake in a sack on horseback. Taking it to feed cows was a chore.
   Patricia Louse was lots of fun but she grew up fast. At five months she was sitting in a chair. She walked at seven and a half months and hasn't sat still since. She was always a few months or years ahead of all the others her age.
   I took it pretty easy when I found out I was finally pregnant again. Result was Joseph Peter, born December 31, 1952 - New Years Eve. First son. It was a thrill as now a girl and a boy to our family. Joe as always short tempered. Only could nurse him three months as he would get mad if he was interrupted in nursing. Spring was a busy time cooking and keeping me busy so - can milk syrup and water was content with. A bottle in his mouth and he was really satisfied, all self centered. Sister loved to be the helper and give him the bottle. She also was a good helper setting table but mostly Daddy's girl. She followed the pickup almost a half a mile trying to get her Dad to take her with him. We were frantic trying to figure out where she had went and to get her back. He didn't even know she was behind the pickup.
   Paul came along June 14, 1954. Joe was sick with measles. Had to get Mother up to care for Joe and had to hurry to hospital. Paul was in a big hurry to come into the world. The doctor hardly had time to get his gloves on. As Paul only weighed 6 lb. 4 oz., I had no trouble as he was in such a hurry. He was a real good baby, never seemed to cry, just happy all the time.
   Had to herd sheep. We had no fences on this place so spent all morning and afternoon herding the sheep. One day, we were sitting on a hill south of the place. Joe was leaning on the door handle of the car, the door opened and he fell out. I just went out after him as the car rolled down the hill. There I saved him from rolling under the car but Pat being in the back seat. She had to crawl over the seat and put her feet on the brake which she did and got the car stopped. I was expecting Paul. There was a pretty bad scare as I could of lost all. But everything turned out lucky. Pat was happy with herself as when I finally got the the car. She said, "I stopped the car Mommy." I told her she was a big girl which she was.
   In four years we paid John Travers. We sold our cattle to pay John Travers for the land which was purchased for five years. But he kept hounding us to get the payments. Then we were to run sheep for him for the other half of the place, giving him 100% of the lamb and wool and we were to get the land. John wasn't a very true with his dealings. He said he couldn't let the land go to us as he was making too much money.
   We went to sheep so built a shed and more corrals. So busy, didn't have time for anything. It was our dream to get the place together. Farming, haying, lambing, milking. Days were filled and was always so tired when evening came. Figured we should have built a bigger house while the family was young as was real crowded. Fall of 1957 and 1958, we built our house. It was quite a project but seemed really big. Picture window was in style. Also bathroom was a welcome addition to our living. Money being short, we decided to buy furniture later so went with what we had. Cupboards from the little house. Only bedroom set we purchased and a couch and chair set making do with what we could.
   Then we were forced to purchase the leased land on all sides of the land bordering the farmstead as the homesteaders that owned it wanted to. Lots more to this than expected.
   Summer and Fall of 1960, I found out I was pregnant with a new baby. January 14, 1961, Christopher Michael came into the world. Had to go to Belle as doctors were changing around in Bowman. Had to find a good one. Being many miles and was so heavy. I carried him so low. I could hardly get around. When he came into the world 8 lb. 2 ox. Hurried up too. Dad was having plumbing trouble at the house and had to find someone to help, etc. Didn't get to hospital till after he was born. Chris had a big happy smile on his face for Dad. Looked the picture of him too. Chris was a real good baby. Also didn't stay as baby long as he was walking etc. before we knew it. He was always by his Dad when he was around.

Carl on his 80th Birthday    

Carl's Grandchildren

Patricia Louise (Palczewski) Nyberg

Date of Birth: August 25, 1948 in Miles City, Montana
Address: 210 Bear Canyon Road, Los Gatos, CA 95033-9451, e-mail
Summer residence: Nedre Varden 14, N-4050 Sola, Norway
Spouse: Oistein Nyberg born November 26, 1942 in Hetland, Norway
Married January 25, 1969

Mikael Oistein Nyberg born October 27, 1971 in Aberdeen, Scotland
Tania Marie Nyberg born July 12, 1975 in Stavanger, Norway
Mark Erik Nyberg born March 24, 1979 in Stavanger, Norway

Family information:
Mikael (Miko) is engaged to Kristen Sager & wedding to be Oct '03 in Barcelona, Spain. He works with KMV Moody in San Francisco.
Tania completing MFA degree in photography from Academy of Arts, San Francisco, May '03.
Mark Erik living in Norway, working as IT management consultant.

Pat plans to enroll at UC Santa Cruz fall '03 to finish degree.

Travel & Vacations since 1997:
'98- Easter in Ibiza, reunion in Lisbon, Portugal, business/pleasure trip to Dubai, UAE, skied French Alps, wilderness camping in Yosemite & celebrated Pat's 50th in Maui.
'99- skied Mammoth, stayed in LA, enjoyed a family Christmas at a rented beach villa in Cabos San Lucas,
Baja, Mexico complete with maid & inflatable Christmas tree!
'00-purchased cabin & land in Santa Cruz Mts, packed container for shipment to CA & drove 7 ton lorry back to Norway by first driving 7hrs north to Newcastle & 19hr ferry over North Sea.(Oistein did return trip alone & flew back to Norway).
'01- skied Whistler, couple trips to Norway, trip to Dakotas, driving trip from CA to Houston/ return visiting friends & Death Valley, New Year's in New Orleans & Houston.
'02-skied Tahoe& Norway, Oistein working out of Switzerland/ Russia commutes between US, Norway, Russia, & Switzerland w/ 'sneak' trip to Kazakhstan, trip to London for Pat, as well as couple trips to Norway & various exploratory trips around northern & central California. Trip to Dakotas & drive back to CA.
'03-trips to Norway, UK, Spain booked .We'll see if Australia still waits!!!

Family Memories:
Since Sept 2002 & the sudden death of my mother, Esther, there have been many fond walks down memory lane as a part of the mourning & healing process. It has been a journey long overdue and would have been even more fun if it could have been taken with her here as well. It is sometimes difficult, but mostly joyous going through the old photos, papers & books over the last five-plus decades. My Mother was truly amazing to collect so many pieces of history. I believe we all have been over-whelmed by the volume of it.
Thinking back over some special memories are the trips through the years taken with our children to visit the Dakotas. It took a lot of sacrifice, saving & determination to fly the whole family the dozen or so times we have visited. Where there is will, there is always a way. We have recently recovered many photos taken during those years & I am positive that these memories will remain with them forever. They each have a variety of interpretations of everything (for example: rodeos, branding calves, slaughtering prairie dogs, docking lambs, rattle snakes,  copious meals of food, roaming the Black & Cave Hills, fishing the creeks & dams of the tri-state area, and not to be forgotten, the many mosquitoes, deer flies, horse flies, and 'nats').  At least the vacations were never boring!
Some other Palczewski family memories include having the cousins visit although it wasn't often they left North Dakota to journey 'south' to God's country.
~I recall refusing to wear shoes in the summer & having the soles of my feet thick & hard. The misery of having to put back on shoes in August for school will remain with me forever!
~I recall the Palczewski family gatherings & playing with the cousins. I remember all the aunties trying to out-cook each other with their favorite recipes (especially memorable is Aunt Marlene's famous baked beans). I remember one family picnic in the trees by Grandma Lizzie's & Grandpa Joe's when Aunty Martha & Uncle Jr. were visiting.
Jr. organized a softball game & taught all of us how to pitch correctly. I still remember some of his pointers. I also remember playing hide & seek for hours. Boy, were those boys dumb!
~Memories return of swimming in Grandpa's dam & another dam where there were so many dogfish in it. Still get a creepy feeling thinking of those slimy little devils slithering between our legs!
~Remember Grandpa Joe giving me a Bulova watch. It was the most expensive present I had ever received & I was embarrassed, I wonder if I ever thanked him properly. Also recall Grandpa giving me the old piano he got from some dancehall. I took lessons for 6-7 years from Hazel at the Ludlow store & Grandpa wanted me to continue. He often talked of a Polish pianist that he wanted me to play as good as. Unfortunately my heart just wasn't totally in music and the sadistic music teacher (Sister Victoria) who hit my fingers repeatedly during organ practice while I was at St Mary's in New England has taken the blame all these years for the end of my music career.  
~I remember the house that my parents, Carl & Esther built. The time some old smelly (sometimes drunk) hired man leaned against the gas stove while talking & then lit a cigarette in the kitchen & everything went BOOOM! Luckily no one was seriously injured, but my mom & the kitchen were shattered.
~ I do remember the smell of hay & being really, really cold while sitting in a sled pulled by a horse to haul water to the house. It must have been during the early 50's.
~ The fun of ice skating on the dams in the winter & pushing a wooden chair around to go seriously fast without falling when you hit the rough ice that had frozen in wind ripples.
~ Getting my tongue stuck on a fence in winter at school in Ludlow & not telling anyone.
Come on, who hasn't done it once??? Only once, though, right?     
~ I recall going down into the root cellar and peeking out at the big old twister that past only a mile or so from the house. The smell of wet mold always makes me think of the raw fear we felt at that time.
~ Riding my bike to bring in sheep & getting caught in a bad hail storm while about 2 miles from the place. Ouch!
~ I also recall staying many, many times with my Grandma Welch & how jealous I was when my folks would always take Joe with them on trips & leave me behind.
~ Growing up with the constant reminder that a boy child is infinitely more valuable than a girl child. Thankfully that is a problem that is slowly being addressed in the world!!


Mark Erik, Tania, Oistein, and Mikko Nyberg

Joseph Peter Palczewski

Date of Birth: December 31, 1952
Address: P.O. Box 5, Dinero, TX 78350
Children: None

Graduated from high school in 1971

Places Lived:
Summer in Ludlow, SD and Ft. Scott, KS
Winter in Tynan and Dinero, TX

Paul Carl Palczewski

Date of Birth: June 14, 1954
Address: RR1, Box 63, Reeder, ND 58649
Barbra (Bobbi) Jean Reeves born September 7, 1960
Married July 26, 1982

Jessie Lou Palczewski born January 27, 1981 in Eagle Butte, SD
Carla Deon Palczewski born July 30, 1983 in Eagle Butte, SD
Paul Thomas Palczewski born August 15, 1988 in Eagle Butte, SD

Auto Mechanics at Wyoming Tech.
Associate in Agri Business in Glendive, MT
Six years in the North Dakota National Guard

Christopher Michael Palczewski

Date of Birth: January 14, 1961in Belle Fourche, SD
Address: 108 5th Ave. SW, Bowman, ND 58623, e-mail
Spouse: Brenda J. Miller born March 7, 1962 in Dickinson, ND
Married October 26, 1984. Brenda e-mail:

Megan Christina Palczewski born August 12, 1987 in Rapid City, SD
Mandi Jean Palczewski born May 1, 1990 in Dickinson, ND
Michael Christopher Palczewski born May 24, 1994 in Dickinson, ND

Cloudy (cat) born April 1994, Amidon, ND (weighs about 20# now)

Family Information:
We've been married for 18 years. Our kids are growing up fast. Our oldest, Megan, will be "Sweet 16" in August. She is very active in school and sports. She just finished up track the end of May where she was qualified in six events for the state meet. Guess we can say she is the speedster in the family. She will be a sophomore this fall. Our second daughter Mandi is now a teenager too. She turned 13 in May. Mandi is also very active with school and sports. She is our distance runner competing in XC. She will be an 8th grader this fall. Both girls love the game of basketball too! Our baby isn't a baby anymore. Michael turned 9 the end of May. He keeps everyone hopping and is always on the go! He's already got to be involved in Mighty Mites (XC for the younger kids). So he looks to be a runner too. Michael will be a 3rd grader this fall.

Chris attended Ludow Elementarythrough grade 6. He then came to Bowman where he attended Bowman School grades 7 through 12. Graduating from Bowman High in 1979. He went right into the "working world" purchasing his own welding truck. He's done that line of work ever since. Chris started his own business in 1987 in Bowman, ND, CP Welding.

Places Lived and Careers:
Chris and Brenda lived in Rapid City, SD for about 4 years. Chris worked for Hills Materials and Brenda was with Cummings and Roll Insurance. In the fall of 1987, we made the decision of moving back home. We started CP Welding that fall. Our business has grown a lot in 16 years. Chris also does machining and has employees.

Interests, Social, & Civic Positions, Hobbies, Sports, etc.:
Chris has been a member of the Bowman Fire Department for 9 years. It is strictly a "Volunteer" Dept., but has a very dedicated group of men who take their job very seriously. Chris is now the Assistant Rural fire Chief. He also has taken many classes where he is now a US Forest Service Fire Fighter: Crew boss-Engine boss. Chris is also a member of the ND EMS where he is trained in auto extrication and is a certified extrication instructor. He is also a First Responder, Medical CPR, AED certified. Chris and Brenda are both members of the Sweetwater Golf Course. Love the game and both find time to golf. Brenda is a Bowman Sports Booster Board Member. So she stays busy with that through the school year. The whole family loves camping, boating, swimming, movie watchers, etc. Always something to do!

Travel & Vacations:
No big major plans at the moment. We have a boat and camper, so we do as much camping as we can. Our favorite spot is Shadehill, so lots of good family time is spent there.

Chris, Brenda, Megan, Mandi, and Michael
Chris and Brenda
                                                                Mandi and Michael
    Michael, Megan, and Mandi


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