Joe & Elizabeth




        Joseph Vincent Palczewski
        March 19, 1887 - May 21, 1971

           Ella Elizabeth (Weska) Palczewski
            November 19, 1888 - July 20, 1972

Francies Breza 1953

Fish Story

Enclosed is a copy of a photograph of my Grandma Breza. Check the fish, the pan, the pole, the shed, and the willow tree. They are the same. Joe and Ella had their picture taken in Winona, MN. Did you know that? Grandma Breza took care of Ella and raised her as her own child after Ella's mother died. I even have a vague memory of the photo taking session. To have each pose with someone else's fish was the reason for those big smiles on all those faces. We were all laughing, even though I really didn't know those two people - Joe and Ella. (Letter from Father Paul Breza to Dianne Morley, 1997).

The Family Tree of Elizabeth Palczewski
by Sharron Bauer (July 2000)

   Wilheim Ambrose Hering and Elizabeth Lilla are the grandparents of Ella Elizabeth Weiss or (Weska) Palczewski. Wilheim Hering married Elizabeth Lilla (probably in Prussia). They came from Prussia on the ship Liebig to Quebec in 1868. On the ship register the occupation of Wilheim is listed as farmer.
   Wilheim and Elizabeth had three children:
                              August Hering
                              Maryanna Hering
                              Frances Hering

   August Hering married Rozalia Glomski (number of children ?).
   Maryanna Hering Married Jacob Weiss or Weska. They had one child, Ella Elizabeth.
   Frances Hering married Joseph Breza. They had seven children: Gusti, Vince, Stella, Stance, John, Mayme (Marian), and Joseph.

   Maryanna Hering and Jacob Weiss resided in Winona, MN in a settlement of Prussian and Polish immigrants. At a very young age, when Ella was a very young child, Maryanna died from causes unknown. Ella Elizabeth was cared for by her Aunt Frances Hering, who married Joseph Breza and there was this family of seven children. Jacob Weis and his daughter Ella Elizabeth lived with the Breza family until she came to work for the Moga family. Jacob was a craftsman. He was the plasterer during the building of St. Stanislaus Church. It is assumed that Jacob remained in Winona after Ella Elizabeth left the Breza family. The time and cause of Jacob's death and where he died is unknown.

   The Moga family had a farm in a valley in Arcadia, WI, (next to the Trempealeau River, about thirty miles east of Winona). They were friends of Joseph and Frances Breza. When Ella Elizabeth was at the capable age of doing domestic work, she was sent to the Moga farm. There she toiled in hard work for two years and was awarded a silver dollar for her services.

   A child of the Moga family, Jacob, migrated to North Dakota and met Dominika Norlock, born in 1877. At the age of 16 years in 1893, Dominika married Jacob Moga in the small western town of Warsaw, ND. The Moga family settled in Scranton, ND. They were merchants or engaged in the banking business for many years. Jacob sent for Ella Elizabeth to help care for his children, to take care of the domestic work, and to assist with farm chores.

   It was there in Scranton that Ella Elizabeth met a homesteader, Joseph Palczewski, a farmer with political influence. They were united in marriage on September 28, 1915 at St. Charles Catholic Church in Bowman, ND. They are the parents of nine children, two of these children died as infants.

Hering Family

Ella Elizabeth (Weska) Palczewski's Grandpa and Grandma Wilhelm (William) and Elizabeth Hering came from Poland to Quebec on the sailing vessel "Tiebig." They were listed as Farmer and Wife ages 30 and 24. On the ship were 330 adults, 150 children, and 56 infants (under 1). The ship left from Hamburg, Germany May 1, 1868. (Information from Father Paul Breza, 1997)

William Ambrose Herring was born March 21, 1838 in Besitzer Schielschen, near Parchowo. Status of the family: landowner. Parents were Christian Herring and Marianna Litz. Sister was Matilda Regina, born September 6, 1840. Brother was Ferdinand (age 28 years on 1880 Federal Census). William married Elizabeth Lilla on January 27, 1868. Her father was Frank Lilla. (The above information was gathered by Anne Pellowski from Immigration records.)

1870 Federal Census (Trempealeau County, Wisconsin)
   William 32
   Elizabeth 27
   Mary 2 - born in Minnesota  (Ella Elizabeth's mother)
   Jacob 1 month - born in Wisconsin

1880 Federal Census
   William 42 - occupation grocer at 550-554 E. 2nd St.
   Elizabeth 34
   Mary 11
   Jacob 9
   Frances 7
   August 5
   Ferdinand 28 (brother of William, grocer)

Conclusions: William and Elizabeth immigrated to Minnesota in 1868. Daughter Mary was not born in Winona but elsewhere in Minnesota. Son Jacob was born in Wisconsin in 1870 but there is no record as it was not required until 1907. Frances was also born in Minnesota but not in Winona County.

Fact: William Herring was first listed in the Winona City Directory in 1875. Occupation was Night Watchman for the Winona and St. Peter Rail Road. Property was purchased January 1877.

In 1883, 1884, 1885 City Directory, William was listed as the owner of a grocery and saloon. (He died June 5, 1884 at the age of 44.) From 1880 to 1885, Ferdinand Herring was listed as a clerk for William. After this time there is no listing for him.

May 1, 1885 State Census:
   Ferdinand 29 - born in Prussia
   Anna 19 - Born in Prussia
   There are no marriage records in Winona County for this couple. No one knows where Ferdinand went from here or what became of him.

Winona County Courthouse Records
Other Children Born to William and ELizabeth:
August - born July 15, 1874
Francis Basil - born October 22, 1876
William Joseph - born July 14, 1879,
     (died November 12, 1879)
Anna Eva - born October 8, 1880
Michael Joseph - born September 26, 1881,
     (Died August 14, 1901 result of being struck in the head by a baseball)
Adam John - born March 3, 1883,
     (Died March 6, 1883 - general weakness)

     It is not known what happened to Francis Basil and Anna Eva. They were not listed as survivors of William in 1884. No one has previously mentioned them and there are no death records at St. Stanislaus Church or at the courthouse. It is also not known where William Josepth or Adam John are buried.
     There are no marriage records for Mary Hering (Ella Elizabeth's mother) and Jacob White (Waite, Waska, Weska, Weiss) or the birth of Ella Elizabeth in Winona County or at the church in Pine Creek, WI. It was mentioned by family that Mary and Jacob died young, where unknown.

Other Records Form Winona County:
Elizabeth - died November 9, 1903
Jacob - died July 11, 1911 (drowned in Mississippi - Winona)
Frances Hering Breza - died July 24, 1953
Note: August Hering died January 12, 1963 in Minneapolis

Marriage Records from Winona County:
Frances Hering and Joseph Breza - September 27, 1886, St. Stanislaus
August Hering and Rosalie Glomski - November 10, 1895, St. Stanislaus

(Information from Father Paul Breza 1997)
(Two spellings of Hering and Herring were received in the above information, Dianne Morley 2002)

Letter From Joe Palczewski to Carl and Esther Palczewski


Seaside, CA

Dear Carl, Esther, and Patty,

We got safe and sound to Martha’s apartment at 1:20 AM on the 21st. From Denver we are flyed without stop to San Francisco 18.000 feet up Mom had a lot of fun looking down at the big city at night is nice picture and all the colored lights it seems for miles. We got to San Francisco on 11:20 PM walked across the street for a bus stop to San Jose and seems at night no open spaces for miles light everywhere on the road. Soil is sandy up here. We are driving every day to Army Base see a lot of Hereford cattle and Angus are in green pastures flowers budding on peach trees are in full bloom in large trees in golden bloom is a wonderful picture with large palms. We think our son-in-law is nice lookin and wonderful personality and we know you will like him. He’s like the rest of the Palczewskis. I be with Marge and Helen. So glad that Martha and Ernie are so thrilled that we came to attend their wedding. Last Sunday, we took lessons in the chapel on how to act. We made a lot of fun with Irish Chaplin. He is a lot of fun. Hoping yous having nice weather up there and our love to all.

Mom and Dad

P.S. Martha and Ernie rented an apartment about five miles from Fort Ord, $85/month. Gas, water, and lights are extra. We are staying with them. They only have a couple days honeymoon. They want us to see a lot of wonderful scenery. Mom want to stay here but it’s cool in the evening. We need warm clothing to go out. Please write soon. Mary sent to Martha that 12 foot nightgown it is a scream fur trimming at the bottom. We had a lot of fun kidding them.

Another Letter from Joe Palczewski to Carl and Esther


Seaside, CA

Dearest Children,

Thanks for the long letter. We are leaving sunny California Sunday for good North Dakota is raining here about every day and cool northwest winds and I mean they are cool. I take North Dakota anytime. We are about 100 miles south of San Francisco in grape district wine is cheap here $1.25 a gallon in wine warehouse and they let you taste all you can take. We drove to San Jose a couple days ago to spend the day with Marge’s sister they are very nice people this is the fourth time we drove through that town it is nice scenery and lot of Hereford cattle and sheep looks funny to see them on side hills on green grass but grass is short and pasture are full of California poppies. We have many wild flowers up here. Peach and apricot trees are blooming and for miles orchards and a lot of canning factories on the road. Junior may go to Japan in the next 6 months. Martha is all excited about this. Martha will start working on the 17th at a clinic in Montery about 3 miles from where we are living. Helen O’Brien is back for a couple days for a visit with Martha. She is leaving this week for Las Angeles to work in a hospital. Mom is feeling good but she is homesick. We sent a box of shells home last week. Stanley got a new Ford good for him. Junior is a very nice fellow. Longer we know him more we like the fellow you will have a lot of fun with Martha she’s got that southern lingo now Martins will move this week in different apartment. They are paying now $85/month water, gas, and electricity are extra about $110/month and the house is like good shape cold gas high every day and night then we got in house lot of flowers from friend they have a grocery store here. They raise flowers and have 25 different camellias and over 250 different flowers is something to see but flowers here don’t have any smell. We drove to Salina last week this is capital lettuce for miles they raise lettuce over 85% of lettuce is raised here. We see for miles strawberry fields they are blooming now. We will tell you more someday. Mom is having a lot of fun at Pacific Ocean. We never get tired looking at waves rolling in and boats fishing. We will be home around 19th or 20th if fog don’t stop us on way home. Hoping buses will run again they are still in strike. Our love to all and lots of kisses to our Patsy.

Mom and Dad


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